Precise Information
for Informed Decisions

GeoAssurance produces Natural Hazard, Environmental and Tax Disclosure Reports, for the real estate industry. We feel you can make the best decisions when you have accurate information concerning the property you are considering buying.

Comprehensive Data

GeoAssurance provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-read Natural Hazard and Environmental Disclosure Reports available for both residential and commercial real estate.

Precise Analysis

GeoAssurance has assembled the most extensive and accurate proprietary databases using actual parcel boundaries to provide the most precise information possible.

The Right Tools
for the Right Decisions

GeoAssurance uses actual parcel boundaries to evaluate legal issues, such as abandoned oil wells on properties, locally mapped unstable soils, methane zones, and landslide areas to help in the decision making process.

“First” to Disclose

  • Active & Abandoned Oil Wells on Maps
  • Methane Zones
  • Zip Code Specific Radon Test Info.
  • High Pressure Gas Pipelines on Maps