GeoAssurance Services for General Residential Transactions:

We do custom and close-up maps of Natural Hazard Zones and Environmental  Sites to help clients better understand certain  issues about the property they are purchasing.  On  request, we will provide custom maps for the buyers  to help in the mitigation process.

This  map   shows a property in the middle of a flood zone,  but because the structure itself  was actually elevated above the zone, the owner  was able to have it “removed from flood” by a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

Lower Crystal Springs Dam on a Digital Eelevation Model This is an example of a Dam Inundation Zone which we placed, along with the streets, on top of a (DEM) Digital Elevation Model.  This topograpy map makes it much clearer as to why a property is IN or NOT IN the zone.

Local Very High Fire Zone
Local Very High Fire Zone – Shown with detail because of our parcel level data.  We are very precise in our determinations  because we use the “actual property boundaries” in making the decision  of IN or NOT IN

Abandoned Oil Wells
Abandoned Oil Wells in a southern california neighborhood

Abandoned Oil Wells are shown in our Environmental Report.  What’s the issue here? If an oil well was not abandoned properly a homeowner  may eventually have to re-abandon the well…at great expensive.  If there is one on a property your buyer is considering, they need to find out some information about the well … like the date it was abandoned.  Geo’s expert can help you.  “What they learn during escrow they forgive.  What they learn after closing, they sue over. ” CAR magazine 2007.

Positive Radon TestsBy Zip Code
Positive Radon TestsBy Zip Code This map shows the number of positive Radon Tests in each zip code. A positive test is one that is above the EPA action level of 4 picocuries.


  • Aerial photos for identification of specific properties relative to streets and other features.
  • California Tax Data Report

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