Mobile Website provides a simpler, easier and faster way to order Natural Hazard and Environmental Disclosure Reports using Smart Phones. If you have setup your own account with us, you can use your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone to order NHD report right away. As long as you setup your escrow company, you can finish the NHD report ordering in a minute.

Access the GeoAssurance mobile website. The web page layouts are designed for the size of Apple iPhone or Android phones. You can also preview the application or order a report without a smart phone from the URL.

If you want to create the GeoAssurance Shortcut on your Home Screen, please follow the instruction at Create Shortcut page.

GEO Assurance Smart Phone App
First, launch the Internet Browser to connect the Internet from your smart phone. Then type in to reach the GeoAssurance Mobile Apps Login Screen. After you enter your login E-mail address and your password, the GeoAssurance Menu screen will appear.

You can tap the Order Report link to order Natural Hazard and Environmental Disclosure Reports.

GEO Assuance | Login
The first time you order a report, you will be asked to setup the Order Form Settings. Mainly, you have to provide your Escrow company information and email addresses to receive reports. If you have account with us now, some information will be copied over from your existing settings.

After saving the Order Form Settings information, go back to the Order Report page to enter property information and submit the order.

If you want to know if the NHD report is ready, then you need to go back the GeoAssurance Main Menu page and find the order from the Recent Reports page.

There are two ways to find your NHD report. You can simply tap the Recent Reports link from the GeoAssurance Menu Page. Then the orders will list in the Most Recent Orders page. If your report is finished, then the Status field will mark Ready. You can touch the Report Number or Ready links to view the report.

The other way is tap the Search Reports link from the GeoAssurance Menu Page. You can search your order by street number, APN or report number.

There are two ways to view your NHD report. One way is to download the entire NHD report and zoom in to view the contents by tapping the Ready link from the GeoAssurance Recent Orders Page.

The other simple way is to tap the Report Number link from the same Page. Then the concise version of NHD Short Report will display the determination chart of Natural Hazard Disclosure Zones on the screen.

GeoAssurance Mobile Application also provides an option to View Maps of Natural Hazard Zones using Smart Phones. You can view your property location on the Google Map and how close your property is to California Natural Hazard Zones.

If you want to order NHD report faster, then can create a Shortcut on your screen.

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