New Earthquake Fault Draft Maps Released for Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and the Westside

Officials on Thursday released new draft maps showing the locations of earthquake faults in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and the Westside, raising the prospect of development restrictions in areas directly above the fissures.

The earthquake faults run along some of Southern California’s most expensive real estate, covering such tony neighborhoods as Brentwood and Pacific Palisades as well as Century City, Westwood and other premium business centers.

The long-awaited maps — which include new boundaries for the Santa Monica, Hollywood and Newport-Inglewood faults — are part of a new effort by the state to locate fault lines so that new buildings are not constructed on top of them.

The maps could have implications for future development on the Westside. As the state drew maps for the Hollywood fault several years ago, it intensified debate over a plan to build Hollywood’s tallest skyscrapers above what state officials said was an active fault.

These are preliminary review maps, which will not become official until at least January 11, 2018, but provide a chance to see what new fault research has revealed about the Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Newport-Inglewood Faults, which traverse a wealthy, densely-populated urban corridor.

NewFault Santa Monica (2)

Maps of all areas can be found on line at

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