Build Fax Permit Reports

GeoAssurance is Proud to be the First NHD Company to Provide BuildFax™ Building Permit Reports

Permit report   Check BuildFax Permit Coverage Area Before Ordering

BuildFax™ makes it easier for your clients, to rest easy when buying or selling their home…see below for details to find out more about BuildFax™ and what is has to offer to you and your clients.

Key Benefits of BuildFax™

  • Quickly identify the presence of possibly risky events, such as unpermitted work, and put your client’s mind at ease.
  • Provide peace of mind for prospective buyers/sellers by confirming property improvements such as additions, repairs, and remodels.

BuildFax™ is… The easiest way to get a building permit report. The company continually collects data on over 70 million properties across the United States. This includes construction activity that HAS been recorded with the local permitting authority, and more importantly, construction activity that has NOT been recorded.

These reports are designed specifically to meet the high standards and needs of residential appraisers in your area* and beyond, over 387 quality lenders across the country are now using BuildFax™ reports.

Want to take a look before you order? 

Property History Search

Search an address below to determine whether a BuildFax Permitted Construction History Report™ is available for that property.

Enter the address and ZIP in this format: 16 Biltmore Ave, 28801


BuildFax Data at a Glance

  • Find out if construction events were properly permitted
  • Is there a new roof on the property – when was it installed?
  • Has there been foundation repair work?
  • Was the pool properly permitted?
  • Have expensive major systems upgrades, such as HVAC, taken place?

Order Permit report

ONLY $10

If permit exists, or $5 if no permits exist

Simply log into your GeoAssurance account and check the box for “Permit Report” under report selection.

Visit to order your BuildFax report. It’s the quickest, easiest, most reliable way to get the information your clients need today!

 *BuildFax reports are offered in most areas in California

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