Now Offering Build Fax Permit Reports

GeoAssurance is Proud to be the First NHD Companyto Provide BuildFax™ Building Permit Reports.  BuildFax™ makes it easier for your clients, to rest easy when buying or selling their home…see below for details to find out more...

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Map Change for Flood Zone Designations

NEW…On-line Letter of Map Change for Flood Zone Designations

Convenient New Way to Request a Change in Flood Zone Designation  Now request changes to your home’s FEMA flood zone designation online. Are you still using the MT-1 or MT-EZ form to apply for...

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C.L.U.E Reports

NHD companies can no longer order CLUE reports on behalf of sellers. Most insurance companies use the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E) to lookup claims filed on a home within the past five years. ...

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C.L.U.E.® Report Will No Longer Be Available Through Disclosure Companies

We wanted to let you know that C.L.U.E.® Home Sellers Disclosure Reports will no longer be available through GeoAssurance or any other disclosure companies. LexisNexis®, the company that owns the C.L.U.E.® Report, has decided to discontinue the...

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California Has Its Faults….

California has its faults.  Do you know where they are?  We can help! We recently had an agent’s buyer inquire about a local fault that was near the property he wanted to purchase.  The...

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Important PACE HERO Tax Update

About PACE loans  California has enacted several energy and water efficiency programs known as Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE. The system lets homeowners borrow money for upgrades and pay it back bit-by-bit...

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Signal Hill Oil Wells

State Changes Oil Well Requirements

Major changes in the State requirements for Oil Well “re-abandonment”, as well as the loss of redevelopment funds, have helped trigger significant rising costs for well clean-up. This is a “huge constraint” for “revenue...

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New Mining Disclosure SB 110

The new Mining disclosure SB 110 is meant to ensure that California residents who move adjacent to mine facilities are aware of their existence and activities prior to their final purchase. The new Mining...

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Leaking Underground Storage Tank

Seal Beach ARCO Station at Coast Highway and Fifth Street. Leaking underground storage tank This one has been in the news for the last 10 months. In 1986 there was a serious leak in...

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Former Shell Oil Company Tank Farm

The Former Shell Oil Tank Farm Site is at the Carousel Tract of Carson City, California. The Shell Oil Company operated a 50-acre petroleum tank “farm” for crude oil storage at what is now...

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Radon: What You Need To Know

WHAT IS RADON? Radon is a relatively new issue in California. Although you can’t see, smell or taste it, there may still be a radon problem in your home. Radon comes from the natural...

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