GeoAssurance has given us tremendous service! Their Environmental Report includes oil wells, which we feel are a critical component of disclosure in our neck of the woods.

Lee and Barbara Shoag, Remax College Park

I had Ralph & Todd come in for my meeting this morning and, I've got to tell you ... it was a resounding success!!

I have never allowed anyone to talk for so long (the meeting ended at 10:10) but the agents were lovin' it. The longer it went on, the closer they got to the screen and Ralph. Some were sitting on the floor right in front of him (like little kids in school) to get a better perspective. The number of questions the agents had was never ending. The presentation was clear and provided all of us with a wealth of information.

The agents learned so much more than ever before from anyone at any of the Nat hazard Disl companies. I told them that this is why GeoAssurance is our preferred provider ... not only their knowledge and the help in protecting us and our clients but also for the hands on approach they take. Ralph & Todd said that they would be happy to come in again anytime.

So, I think we are going to have them over again in the near future.

It was a terrific morning.


"Skip" Zeleny

Geo Assurance is not only my No. 1 Choice for a NHD company, they are my ONLY CHOICE, since 2004, when Ralph, the owner, and Califonria's Expert Witness, single handedly SAVED my listing from dying in escrow, a million dollar plus sale for me! The buyer wanted to walk after seeing their own company's NHD report, as it had them in a flood zone, not a place a million dollar buyer wants to be. However, Ralph and Annette have the most COMPREHENSIVE and CURRENT maps, along with their ____ years of experience and knowledge to educated the buyers. They were not only satisfied, but impressed with the scope of knowledge and customer service that Ralph displayed on a late night, weekend teleconference with agent and buyers. Then AGAIN, 7 years later, I had the same scenario! Ralph took my call on a Sunday morning and immediately emailed his own report to the buyers and their agent, got on a conference call, and SAVED THE SALE!!! My loyalty to them is FOREVER. I have NEVER seen any other maps come close to the ones that this company has! They revise them constantly, keep them current and show EVERYTHING, not only the obvious. You may not know the difference in NHD companies yet, but I GUARANTEE, if you ever have a problem, GEO ASSURRANCE COULD SAVE YOUR DEAL!!!!

Kathleen Spurlock-Phillips

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