GeoAssurance Services for General Residential Transactions:

  • Property Disclosure Reports or Natural Hazard Disclosure summary including 6 to 16 layers, depending upon the information available on local informational and public databases
  • Environmental Report covering four (4) areas of additional information

General Products:

  • Natural Hazard Reports
  • Environmental Reports
  • Customized reports for use in preparing “private label” reports and products
  • Aerial photos for identification of specific properties relative to streets and other features.
  • Environmental Reports for commercial property and vacant land
  • California Tax Data Report

Products for Title Companies and Related Industries:

  • Residential Natural Hazards Disclosure
  • Residential Environmental Reports
  • Commercial Environmental Reports
  • Customized Reports

Title companies can order our residential reports for use by the parties to the transactions for which they provide title services. Pricing, service levels, quarterly guaranties and private labeling are negotiable. Our turn-around time for the average residential Natural Hazards Disclosure report is about one business hour.