Precise Information


In 1998, sellers (and their agents) of California residential Real Estate became responsible for disclosing to buyers the nature and extent of Natural Hazards and how they represent potential safety concerns. This is not an option. It is mandatory under California Assembly Bill 1195, also known as the "Natural Hazard Disclosure Law." A misstep can cost you severely. GeoAssurance is in the information business, providing data you can trust. We take the guess work out of disclosure.

Land sales have been around since man first planted crops. Computerization has been slow in coming, but GeoAssurance is on technology's cutting edge, plugged into not only the most up-to-date, constantly revised data bases, but some that have been impossible to access since 9/11. We are the most accurate engineers in the disclosure business, providing you with data down to the parcel level.

As a seller, one needs to disclose with accuracy how man-made features affect the residential property being sold. Solid Waste Landfill Facilities and National Priorities List properties could be a mile or so across. If only a property's address is used, as other companies are doing, instead of narrowing our focus to the specific parcel, the property could be shown as being as much as a half mile away from these sites, instead of the actual distance. Accuracy counts!

The near record rains of 2005 reminded us that natural hazards, such as flooding potential, cannot be neglected. At GeoAssurance the principals have a proven record in setting the industry standard. It's time to go beyond traditional methods to those of the next generation.

Precise Information for Informed Decisions