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Links to other websites operated by parties other than are provided on this website for convenience and informational purposes only. Please be aware that the privacy policy of these web sites may differ from that of Because has no control over any aspect of these web sites, shall not be held responsible for any transmission from or content contained in these web sites. Please be advised that these sites may contain information that restricts reuse of copyrighted or trademarked data.


Collection of Personal Information

With the exception of requested information provided by our disclosure report order system, information necessary to accept and transmit orders through this system, or data provided a web site visitor in a request for additional information or assistance, does not actively collect any personal information about you when you visit our website. reserves the right to monitor disclosure report order system and web site usage in an effort to identify areas of interest and to improve the format, content, and navigability of our web site.


No Data Sharing does not share any customer or web site visitor data with any other company.


No Cookies

Our web site does not use cookies; however, external web sites for which links are provided may.


System Login ID and Password

No login or password is required to visit any portion of our web site except our disclosure report order system. To use this system, you must establish an account using a login ID and password. Upon account set-up, you can change your password at any time.


Security takes reasonable precautions to ensure the security of customer information and our data on this website. Only authorized personnel from have access to this information and data. Attempts by unauthorized parties to alter, modify, eliminate, or otherwise affect customer or Company data or information will be dealt with accordingly in cooperation with appropriate governmental agencies.


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